Management Print Services (MPS)

involve managing print devices such as copiers, printers, multifunction devices (MFDs), and fax machines in a unified way to support your print needs while saving money. This can mean a wide variety of options from outsourcing your print and maintenance needs to integrating new technologies to better manage document flows and to monitor performance.

One of the benefits of moving to a MPS system is the ability to tap into the functionality of the copier. This means that the copier can be set up to only allow authorized users the ability to print in B/W or color to the copier. Administrators will also be able to track the number of prints by user. This data can be helpful to see where their business can be more efficient.

There are many financial benefits from the MPS system. Most supplies (ink, toner) are very expensive for desktop printers. The average desktop printer ink cartridge costs about 5 cents per page and the average laser printer cartridge costs about 2.5 cents a page. In comparison, a MFD toner have a cost per toner of about .2 cents per page. The average savings from transitioning from a desktop printer to a Multi-function device will result in about a 2-cent savings per print in toner costs. If a business were to average 50,000 prints a month, the toner costs would result in a savings of $1,000/month.

  • Administrators have the ability to monitor, limit, and enforce limits of prints and scan volume
  • Eliminate the cost of purchasing desktop printers
  • Eliminate the cost of supplies and service for each desktop printer
  • Savings up to 2 cents per page in toner costs
  • Eliminate waste caused from printing by unauthorized users
  • Printing sent to network folders ensure secured printing
  • Manage supply levels through a remote user interface to ensure that supplies are ordered when low

Cloud and Mobile Printing

New copiers not have the updated functionality of cloud printing. This means that you can print/scan to and from the cloud. This helps ensure your data is centralized and can be accessed from any of your MFDs.

  • Cloud Print Services (Google Cloud Print, HP ePrint)
  • Apple Airprint
  • Sharpdesk Mobile for printing/scanning to/from your phone


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